Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Marketplace Exchange of Talent

C.J. Meenan OFBV Network

The marketplace is where we exchange talent. As a younger man, I mistakenly thought that entrepreneurship was restricted to those who build big companies, but I soon discovered that there’s more to it all than just starting and growing a company. While most view the marketplace as a mere exchange of goods and services, I view it as the exchange of talent.

The marketplace is a forum where we can share our talents in a manner that improves other’s lives as well as our own.

The entrepreneur has many labels, from unique visionary to risk taker. While these labels may be accurate, entrepreneurs are also people who enjoy sharing their gifts. We’ve all been given talents, and some feel called to express them through entrepreneurship.

During my 25+ year career as an entrepreneurship instructor, I’ve helped thousands of folks develop their skills and improve their lives through entrepreneurship. Through it all, I’ve become convinced that we all have an entrepreneur inside of us; the challenge finding a way to express it. 

I see a world filled with entrepreneurs expressing their talents all around me. From the electrician restoring my lights, and baker providing my children’s muffins, to the auto mechanic repairing my car, all are expressing their talents through the marketplace, and making life better in so doing.

Talents are given to us to be expressed, not remain dormant, and I believe the world is a better place when we share our talents. One of the most wonderful ways we might do so is through entrepreneurship, which is why I share mine through entrepreneurship, in both teaching and doing.

Through written guides and video content, from the comfort of your own homes online and in the classroom, I wanted to show you how to unlock and express your gifts and talents in the marketplace. Open for Business Ventures exists for this purpose, offering dynamic workshops and multiple online courses for a variety of people. Every online course for beginners contains 20 entrepreneurial lessons and 40 concepts for new entrepreneurs.

I also wanted to connect entrepreneurs with one another for motivation, inspiration & encouragement because we must rely on the support of others more now than ever before. The entrepreneurial spirit and positive mindset is contagious. Open for Business Ventures exists for this purpose as well, having created the free online Entrepreneurs’ Community Network that anyone can join with ease. 

It’s my hope that you’ll uncover your gifts & talents and go on to express through entrepreneurship them as you read through each lesson and network with other entrepreneurs in our community. The lessons provide the basic understanding and skills required, while the community provides the motivational support to guide the path of your entrepreneurial journey, should you choose to launch your venture.

I’m confident that our tools will serve as a catalyst for you to unleash and share your inner entrepreneur!

C.J. Meenan
Instructor | Speaker | Author | Co-founder of Open for Business Ventures

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