Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday's Trends: Mentoring & Engagement for Remote Employees

Entrepreneurial Trends: Investing In Mentoring & Engagement for Remote Employees 

As more and more companies employ telecommuting strategies (with employees who work from home, making use of the Internet, e-mail, and the telephone), top performers will make a commitment to electronic tools to teach, monitor and mentor team members despite their physical location. These tools enable team members to learn on their own schedule and receive on-demand support, whether it’s technical support, strategy, or sales tactics.

This type of career development leads to more engaged employees and also increases the recruitment of Millennials who value the development of career skills. This extends beyond learning but also provides tools to verify concepts and tie to additional clarification as well as track and report on progress made to validate the investment in mentoring and engagement. Successful companies must meet both their employees and customers where they want to find them, and many individuals wish to extend their learning outside of traditional models to online, video and podcasts.

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